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Assigning a button to toggle between session/arrangement

Submitted by dstsources on Thu, 05/25/2023 - 19:09
Control Surface Studio User

Hi I'm making a reaction to assign a button to toggle between session and arrangement views.
I can only make it work one-way, if I add another condition or another reaction to show the opposite view, only the later one works.

can someone please show a working example of such reaction?

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Control Surface Studio User


Show your Action, this is fixable. Nomally you forget the return after the first Action and its condition.

Control Surface Studio User

Please check screenshots, these are two individual reactions I tried.
They both have the same Listener "Button is pressed".
The first one goes straight to action to change view to Arranger,(which works) while on the second I'm trying to set the conditions depending on the view, but that one won't work.

Control Surface Studio User

Referencing file 2:

Listener button as you have it

Actionblock 1:
Condition as you have it
Action 1 as you have it
New Action 2: exit reaction (custom code: return)

Then copy that Actionblock mirror it the other way.

Your problem: after the first Actionblock you need a return to exit the reaction so that the Action triggers the next time you press the button.

In your current script Actionblock 2 follows happily Actionblock 1 because all the conditions are met. The moment Actionblock 2 starts your session view has already changed as Actionblock 1 is completely resolved.

Control Surface Studio User

wow I'm stunned.
Thanks so much dude, cheers!