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assigne chain number to a modifier

Submitted by nasca on Sun, 09/18/2022 - 22:34
Control Surface Studio User


Quick question : each time I select a chain, whichever the device, I would like to store the chain number in a modifier.
See screenshot attached.

Exemple :

device 1 , chain 2 selected > modifier = 2
device 4 , chain 2 selected > modifier = 2
device 4 , chain 4 selected > modifier = 4

Is that possible using reactions ? I cannot find the adequate action.

Subsidiary question : is it possible to map selected chain's volume, mute and solo to just one single knob and 2 buttons ?

Thank you for your help !

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John C
Forum Admin

I'm not aware of a way to get/set the selected chain.

It's possible to set the volume of a chain in a Reaction by using:
Live object model > device chain > all device chains > set volume value
You could use the 'Get value from ranges' option in there to control the volume with a knob.
Get value from ranges tutorial: