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arm selected track

Submitted by felipe zlatar on Sat, 09/28/2019 - 00:41
felipe zlatar
Pro User

hi first of all great job with ccs!!
so my question is if is possible to arm a track when is selected and unarm it when u select another?
i am using a rotary encoder to navigate between tracks.
hope is possible, if not would be nice to be able in the future.
greetings from chile!

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John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi there,

In response to this we have added a piece of code to make this possible.
Currently it will need to be done via a 'Reaction' mapping and you will need to tweak a line of code directly inside your script.

Here are the steps:
1 On the mode, Add a 'Reactions' mapping containing 1 Reaction
2 Open the reaction mapping settings form, for the 'Listener' select your rotary encoder which navigates between tracks.
3 In 'Reactions' select 'view' and then paste this into the input box next to it:
Set the next option as (), and leave the next 2 as input and empty.
4 install your script
5 Open the script .py file located in your MIDI Remote Script folder
6 Search for this line:
and replace it with this
7 open Ableton Live and the assigned script will now auto arm the selected track and auto remove arm from all others.

Sorry it is a little bit long winded. We will try to optimise this asap.
I have attached my test script which has this working, you can import it and copy the reaction mapping into your script.

felipe zlatar
Pro User

thnx a lot!! will vive it a try and let u know how it goes.
one other question, is it possible to change midi notes from buttons? i made a midi controller with 6 arcade buttons and would like to have different banks for them so i can change between scales to play with.