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arm selected track

Submitted by felipe zlatar on Sat, 09/28/2019 - 00:41
felipe zlatar
Pro User

hi first of all great job with ccs!!
so my question is if is possible to arm a track when is selected and unarm it when u select another?
i am using a rotary encoder to navigate between tracks.
hope is possible, if not would be nice to be able in the future.
greetings from chile!

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John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi there,

In response to this we have added a piece of code to make this possible.
Currently it will need to be done via a 'Reaction' mapping and you will need to tweak a line of code directly inside your script.

Here are the steps:
1 On the mode, Add a 'Reactions' mapping containing 1 Reaction
2 Open the reaction mapping settings form, for the 'Listener' select your rotary encoder which navigates between tracks.
3 In 'Reactions' select 'view' and then paste this into the input box next to it:
Set the next option as (), and leave the next 2 as input and empty.
4 install your script
5 Open the script .py file located in your MIDI Remote Script folder
6 Search for this line:
and replace it with this
7 open Ableton Live and the assigned script will now auto arm the selected track and auto remove arm from all others.

Sorry it is a little bit long winded. We will try to optimise this asap.
I have attached my test script which has this working, you can import it and copy the reaction mapping into your script.

felipe zlatar
Pro User

thnx a lot!! will vive it a try and let u know how it goes.
one other question, is it possible to change midi notes from buttons? i made a midi controller with 6 arcade buttons and would like to have different banks for them so i can change between scales to play with.

felipe zlatar
Pro User

so i take that as a no heheh :) would really like to able to do this, i am building custom midi controllers and cant figure out a nice way to have different banks for of note buttons.

John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi, I've been investigating this but unfortunately don't have a working solution yet. If I find one I'll let you know here.

felipe zlatar
Pro User

ok thnx a lot!!, still loving the software.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi. I'm wanting to do a similar action with my akai ewi 4000s wind controller with live. i have 2 buttons on the side of the ewi that send midi cc numbers. i would like to hit the 1st button for a previous track+arm and the second button for a next track+arm so i can quickly select the next instrument in my track list and be able to play it upon selection. I use Reason 11 and just bought live a week ago. In reason this was a simple midi learn situation. then just click up and down a list of instruments with the 2 ewi 4000s momentary buttons and the track would automatically change+armed itself for instant use when selected. i just want that in ableton. if i understand your checklist then i need to buy the control surface studio to achieve this. right? i really only would like to do only this but in time id like to also setup my KMI softstep 2 midi foot controller to control more aspects of live too to help me loop from my feet. but, any instructions on how to do this would be appreciated. thanks for your time and i hope i posted in the right spot. :)
im using...
windows 10
live 10 suite
akai ewi 4000s midi wind controller connected via midi wireless system called midibeam by panda audio
motu 624 audio interface

Control Surface Studio User

If you just want the track to arm on selection this is a feature that Ableton already features. This video shows you how to do it. (I am in no way associated with this video).

felipe zlatar
Pro User

completley forgot about this. thnx!!