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Arm Multiple Tracks + Option txt Arm on Select

Submitted by neilb on Thu, 05/13/2021 - 01:56
Control Surface Studio User

I've looked through all of the related posts, but can't find what I'm looking for...

I currently use the Option txt feature to arm track on select and the CSS Highlight Navigation feature to select tracks with my midi controller. Works as advertised. My challenge is that there is a key part of my workflow being blocked in the process...

In my main temple I use midi instrument tracks paired with audio tracks with resample inputs extensively. In my current CSS/OptionTxt configuration, I'm not able to hold the currently selected/armed track and select a second to arm both like I can on the Push 2. That would be my optimal behavior using CSS (hold first and press second to arm multiples, while still having arm on select (exclusivish) behavior most of the time).

While I would love to have the optimal behavior I outlined above, I would settle for another solution so long as I can get around this snag in my workflow.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

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Control Surface Studio User

Would really love some guidance if anyone has thoughts on this. It's the weakest link in my CSS script.

Control Surface Studio User

I also use the Option txt to arm selected track. Using CCS together with the shift key on pc keyboard helps to select multiple, not sure if that helps.