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Submitted by ananaphone on Mon, 05/07/2018 - 18:03
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Hi I'm new and I am so stoked that
Remotify exists! Ableton is great, but as a musician I really need to ditch the mouse. I'm having a bit of trouble getting Remotify to work, but I'm optimistic!
I'm using Lemur on an iPad (3rd gen) and a Mac mini (2014) running OS X El Capitan. Ableton Live 9.1.
So the fly in the ointment is that the arm, solo and mute buttons won't send feed back to Lemur, or at least not properly. I can get the buttons in lemur to activate the arm in Ableton, that seems to work fine, but the way they light up is fairly erratic. When I use the mouse on the arm button, there is no response in Lemur. Continuous controllers do receive from Ableton fine.
Please help!


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John Carney
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Hey, Do you know if the Lemur requires different midi messages for feedback? Midi Remote Scripts only send feedback on the same midi channel/control as the physical input. John
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Ok I found a fix. I used a momentary switch object with it's on value set to 127 and it's off value set to 126. This controls Ableton correctly (1st press on, 2nd press off, etc.), and it also displays the correct i/o state when pressing the button and also when using the mouse.
I say all this because everything else I tried gave bizarre and unreliable results. I'm happy that it works now because the arm buttons are very important, but there is one thing that is slightly inconvenient. It only works with single button objects in Lemur. If I have a multi button object, things get weird. The messages seem to get crossed, pressing the track 2 button will arm track 1, then pressing track 3 will disarm track 1 but leave the track 1 button lit. Just random choas. This is by no means a deal breaker, but it does mean that layouts take longer to make because I have to make each individual button. I'm not sure why this is happening because Lemur should be sending a simple midi message to Ableton when a button is pressed, regardless of whether or not that button is part of an object with other buttons.
Lemur objects receive feedback on the same channel and CC number as they send.