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Anyone already tried to make a controller to fill the step sequencer?

Submitted by benwadub on Mon, 01/31/2022 - 18:33
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Hi, I juste got a new idea today, build a controller with push button and rgb leds to use only for step sequencing midi clips, like the push2, do you know how to access the steps of the midi grid?

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Hi benwadub,
That sounds very cool indeed! Also challenging since Live doesn't natively have a step sequencer onboard.
I reckon accessing the steps seems only a small part of building such a script, you need also to be able to input notes, velocity, gate,... I wonder if it wouldn't be easier if you would script around an existing M4L or VST step sequencer, since these already have all the functions programmed. Just a thought..

To answer your question, a way to access the 'steps' of the midi grid (inside a clip), could be by using the nudge function. By nudging you can 'walk' through the 'steps' of a midi clip.
The length of the nudge (or step) would be determined by the grid size. A clip with a fixed grid of 1/8 would have 8 'steps' in a one-bar loop. A grid of 1/4 would give you 16 'steps' in a one-bar loop.

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I just saw that nudging means tempo change..
I meant nudging in a clip like the left and right arrows on the keyboard do.
Then again, the 'jump_by' function maybe can do the trick. The length of the 'step' would be the 'beats' parameter of the 'jump_by' function.