Is any one working on Samson Conspiracy?

Submitted by popoption on Fri, 11/10/2017 - 00:02
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Howdy all! I just got a brand new Conspiracy at a deep discount.... now I know why ;) Before I start down this road... Is anyone already working on it for Ableton?


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John Carney
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There are a couple of people with Conspiracy controllers, hopefully they see your post!


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Basically the Conspiracy is a souped up pad controller because it's got EVERYTHING - it's a velocity sensitive launchpad, plus XY controller plus faders plus buttons plus encoders plus transport AND with FULLY CONTROLLABLE LED FEEDBACK.

I GUARANTEE you will like the conspiracy MORE when you see this bad boy, because the controller has MORE capabilities than they advertise!

The mode button is above the master fader (on the right) It's got four modes, but I only use ONE button to navigate through them - the same button cycles through the four modes.

On modes three and four the session box moves up into the 8 buttons under the encoders so that you can use the 25 velocity sensitive buttons for drums or instrument - but I can't get that working yet - keeps breaking my script.

I'm going to start selling it once I've added drum pads to modes 3 and 4, but I'm sending you a copy NOW because you are a fellow remotify user!

PLEASE let me know any changes you'd like to see.


PS, I'm ALSO sending you Conspiracy Config file - obviously it will need to be set to match the script. Use the Conspiracy editor and "Load Settings" then "Upload" to the device.

ConspiracyEditor Win:

ConspiracyEditor Mac is SO hard to find that I've included it for you.

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THANK YOU!!!! I can't wait to get home tonight and load this bad boy up!!! Also, THANK YOU for the link to the Mac editor! I couldn't find it anywhere!

I think this is one of the most versatile controller out there and if I can do anything to help with your development, let me know!

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yes yes yes!! IT IS one of the most versatile controllers. I'm a HUGE fan of the Launchpad mini (so small, and because it's flat it's difficult to damage and takes no room in laptop bag.

So my brother asked why I'm using the Conspiracy instead of the launchpad??


(more colors too)

Look forward to getting your feedback!!!


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Oh and PS: Just saw that you said, " I know why.." I thought the same thing when I was looking for what the HELL i can do with this powerful controller without the necessary scripts or support or specifications.

In comes *John Carney* with *Remotify,* and I will also humbly say that I did a LOT of nerdy experimentation to map out the controller's functions and quirks, and now it is LIVING UP TO THE HYPE.

Everywhere will keep fire-saling it, because without programming, it's powerful but so difficult to start with.



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What is the method for installing? Do I drag the two .pyc files to /Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts/ ?
What do I do with "RemotifyDistinctControllers 20171014"? Is that what I need to upload to the Conspiracy?

Thanks again!!

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Also, the Mac version of the Conspiracy editor says it cannot be opened (I'm on Sierra).

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Damn, I was looking forward to hearing how excited you were with the script!! lol

1. On Samson Conspiracy, press one of the pads to see the note/cc they are outputting.
2. use the conspiracy editor, load settings: choose the "RemotifyDistinctControllers 20171014"
3. I don't remember if it's download or upload (which is down? the computer or the device?) so after doing "Upload Settings" then make sure they've changed on the conspiracy. I think the name will also change to "Remotify" so you'll know.
4. *On Mac:*
The Remote Script folder is located inside the Ableton Live application bundle. To access it, locate the Live application in Finder, right click on it and select "Show Package Content" in the appearing context menu. Then navigate to: /Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts/

5. Add the *.py* files to that folder.
6. Open Live - in "Link Midi" choose the port for the conspiracy in "Input" and "Output" (hint: it should say "Conspiracy") and then choose "Conspiracy" under "Control Surface"

In live, you should see a 5 scene(row)/4 track(col) box if things are working, and your conspiracy pads should immediately show the live session clip info.

let me know if that works.


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OH DAMN!!! I don't know what to do about the Conspiracy Editor!???

Hmmmmmph.... you do NOT want to individually edit ALL of the controller values by HAND!!!!

Can you connect it to a PC? the upload to the Conspiracy is probably a 5 minute procedure: Connect; Load the "Remotify..." settings; upload; test that you've put new settings into it and Disconnect: Done.

I've sent Samson Support a message, because geez, it's ridiculous, no? I don't code in Mac, so I don't know how to port or Upgrade the app to OS X Sierra. :-(

If I have to give you a controller by controller breakdown it will take a while, and I'll have to do it tonight. Let me know. In that case you'll have to go into edit mode and change each of the 64 controls yourself: Note/CC; Midi Value; Channel.

Grrrrr..... Samson!!! Why do they make the stuff and then throw it out into the woods like Frankenstein's monster?


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Heard back from Samson and they don't support the MAC editor anymore.

Not sure why - probably because they realized, WHO on Earth's using Macs to do Music production? And if a large potential audience wants to use the Conspiracy with their iPads (because you can) then how many of them realistically have Mac computers?

I'm being sarcastic, of course.

I'm going to look at possibly doing a SysEx dump that you can upload simply by sending that file from your Live instance. I'll test thoroughly and send you instructions if this is viable.

Stay tuned . . . .. . .


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NO SysEx on the damn thing either, so here's a controller by controller map of all the note assignments.

Just go into edit mode and set each controller one by one. Sorry. It will take time, but please appreciate that I've taken just as long to record them all one by one for you. :-)

Blame Samson.


PS the attached config map is a Tab delimited file. You can open it in a spreadsheet or just in TextApp or whatever.

upload files: 
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oh - caveats:
1. I was experimenting with using Solo as a momentary switch, i.e. hold to solo, so Channel 1 in mode 2 (F1) solos temporarily.)
2. I don't have drums working yet (Mode 3 and 4) so when you shift to mode 3 (F10 cycles through modes) whatever was on the session pads in mode 2 stays lit until you press a button.

I'll make a video of the current functions and a bit of a user guide, but since I'm still not finished getting drums working I've been putting that off.



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PopOption: Updates?


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hey bro . can i ask for that script u were talking about . the link does not work . and i just want to see what i can do also with my conspiracy . cuz i have been just using it as a drum rack . and seeing the pads and nobs and the touch pad makes me angry that i can figure out how to unlock these for myself . thanks :D