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Submitted by Dj Blizzy on Sat, 12/28/2019 - 20:46
Dj Blizzy
Control Surface Studio User

Does any have a Xone K2 son file that would be will to share with me? I'm OCD and I just want to make music, not arts and crafts. Thanks!

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Guess i'll craft one now :)

John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi both,

I've built a Xone K2 controller (json file attached below).
I don't have the physical controller here so have only been able to add the controls so far - and make it look pretty.

If someone could import this and map the midi data then export and upload here that would be amazing and I know a lot of people would be extremely grateful!

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Hello. This seemed like a good first post opportunity.... Just got CSS last week. First project involves a K2, so I'll attempt to do the above request from @johncarney Stay safe. m+

Dj Blizzy
Control Surface Studio User

Awesome, Thanks guys. I'm surprised that I can't find one somewhere, the K2 has been out for long time and is relatively popular.

John Carney
Forum Admin

Woa there people!
We already have a completed K2 controller template available!
Just go to the import controller section inside CSS and you can import it direct.
I'll also attach the completed version to this post.
The k2 controller template includes full configuration for all 3 latching layers on the K2; thanks to the top team at Allen & Heath for sending over a unit for us to play with! ;)

upload files: 
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@johncarney late last night I noticed on your instagram that a k2 had been acquired and that doing the thing above was probably not necessary but, if the midi populated json was still needed , maybe you can answer a q: in RCC, I imported the k2_no_midi_data json into Controller Manager, looked through the various assigned input controller type info, etc. But i couldn't figure out how to "map the midi data" for export. Am i over thinking this and just by importing your json file into controller manager i've automatically populated the mapped data , so all i would have had to do is export it back to a json? I'm still going through tutorials and such, so if the answer is just in a tutorial, i'll find it. But first im going to test drive the complete k2 controller template . thanks

Control Surface Studio User

Someone already made a script for this?
Already made the first latching layer (red) so it's mapped to the first 4 tracks.
And I must say, pieeew, it works like a charm but it's allot of work.

It's unfortunate that if you make a copy of the track, you have to remap al buttons by hand.
And probably i'll have to do the same for every (copied) latching layer as well.

Is there an easier way of doing this :)
Maybe by script? (I'm already used to some clyphx coding)

So glad that the people of A&H already made a mappable controller layout!
And thanks to the remotify team for making my life (a bit) easier as well ;)
Great tool!

John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi guys,

As I mentioned above, we have already built a Controller Template for the Xone K2 so there's no need to build this yourself.
It includes all 3 latching layers too.
In the App, go to the Controller Manager > then the import section and where you see Xone K2, click 'import'.
Once done you will have the Xone K2 template ready for use in your own scripts.
See the attached image below for details on importing.