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Any chance that one day the Desktop app will not require a internet connection?

Submitted by Mathematics30 on Tue, 10/15/2019 - 02:28
Control Surface Studio User


This one of the question that i have since the begining with this app.

The "desktop" version is just a launcher that send you on the web app if im not mistaken? I believe that right now you are doing this for preventing people to crack the application right?

But if someday i dont have a internet connection anymore fro any reason, or if the team stopped working on the product for any reason, and remotify website "shut down", what will happen?


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John Carney
Forum Admin


This isn't quite correct, the App is fully Desktop based and is not just a web app launcher.
The reason for the internet connection is because the script generation is done on our server (when you click install).

This is done so that the backend can be tweaked and changed without needing to publish a new App release each time.

John Carney
Forum Admin

A possibility could be to remove the login screen and change things up so you can use the editor without requiring an internet connection.
You could then use the app to create/edit/manage your scripts within the App, you would only need an internet connection to install scripts into Ableton.
Would that be of any use to you/anyone?