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Akai apc mini/key 25 default script recreation

Submitted by Ismael Gómez on Thu, 12/29/2022 - 02:06
Ismael Gómez
Control Surface Studio User

Hi, I have an akai apc key 25 midi controller, I really like the way that the default script works (wich is almost the same as the apc mini), but I want to make it some improvements. To do this, first I need to recreate the script on css, but I haven´t figure how to do it, I want to know if someone have done this and how you do it, or, if it's posible, to share the .json file of the script.

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I've recreated the APC Key 25 - it is an EXCELLENT Ableton workflow - on a Sensel Morph, so I did recreate the functionality (plus added a few additional features that I wanted. I'm sending my script + the picture of the senslel overlay so you can see some of the additional functions. I LOVE capture (in Ableton 11) for example, so I HAD to have that.

One feature I do NOT have, now that I think of it, is the lighted buttons, since the Morph doesn't have ANY lighting pads. (I WISH!) As such I created a little code that moves the colors of the session box columns to match the rainbow colors on the overlay (so one can see what track corresponds to the controller. BUT this means you will probably need to add lighting/led functionality to the script once you get to that point.

Let me know if you get value out of this!

Control Surface Studio User

Is it working with mk2 ?