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add_overdub_listener and add_session_record_listener not working

Submitted by infinitystairs on Mon, 01/24/2022 - 03:07
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add_overdub_listener and add_session_record_listener are not working.

- Create a Reaction with session record listener:
- Log the value of session_record: self.show_message(str(

The listener is not firing when session_record is first changed to true. It only fires once a clip previously exists and you are overdubbing but not when recording into an empty clip.

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John C
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I just tested both 'overdub has changed' and 'session record has changed' and for me they both appear to fire when the 'session record button' is turned on or off.

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Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a Reaction
2. add a Listener "session record value has changed"
3. add an Action "Script: display a value in Live's status bar," Value To Display: session record
4. deploy script
5. In Live, start playback, hit record in an empty clip. No status update.
6. click that clip again to change from recording to playback, and now the status bar shows "False".
7. click the session record button in the header to overdub into this midi clip, now the status bar shows "True"

Shouldn't there have been a status update of True in step 5 above? I cannot get feedback to light up the session record button on my controller and I think it is because there is a bug in this step.