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Ableton Looper

Submitted by leo on Mon, 02/13/2017 - 01:22
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Im new here. And so far i am impressed with the solution. Hopefully i'll be able to get what need to improve my performance :)

So, I am trying to create a script with many functions to replace my old midi translator. However, i couldn't find a way to implemente one of the most important things to me. Which is, as an example, to start recording and stop the playback of the Looper device on a *specific and fixed* audio channel. Ideally i would be able to send the feedback to the device in order to turn the button light on/off.

Is it possible to have it on the script ?

FYI: When i press the button, it sends 2 messages, Note ON ( Chan 13 / A#4 127 ) and Note OFF ( Chan 13 A#4 0 ). On would Start Looper on track X and OFF would stop.

Thanks in advance.

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John Carney
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Hi Leo,

I hope you're enjoying the app.

The looper device is a bit of a weird one as it doesn't allow for mapping of things like the multi-purpose transport button, play, stop etc (i.e. the important stuff ha).
This is a current limitation of the Looper device and integration with Ableton's Live Object Model it seems.


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Has the ability to target the looper been updated? This is really the only reason I got the script program.

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Hi Leo
I think John was saying that the limitation is on Abletons side not CSS. For example In Live you can’t assign the multifunction Rec, Play, Overdub button to instrument rack macro controls only to midi learn within Live.

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Hey guys,

I found this thread in the Google search as I'm trying to map Looper transport controls myself.

What I figured is that it is possible to trigger each function (rec, overdub, play, stop) if I map Parameter 1 to "absolute Knob"

The thing is that Parameter 1 is controlling 4 different controls in this device. But in order to trigger unique function we need to send the specific velocity value for each control as the following.

Stop .................. 0-42
Record ............. 43-84
Play ................... 85-126
Overdub ......... 127

I'm using Bomes to convert the Note On value on 4 buttons to match settings.

However, when mapped to switches on my Midifighter Twister, I'm able to trigger only the Overdub (it seems that CSS buttons are ignoring other values than 0 and 127. Or I may be doing something wrong) tried CC and Note

Then I had other idea. I mapped mode 1-2-3 to first 3 switches on my Twister only to provide the LED feedback for REC- PLAY-Clear and midi map input commands inside Live. Problem here is that when ever I remap any of this three buttons in Live it overrides the Modes in my CSS script.

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Hi Stevan,

Thank you, I think this could help me a lot.

Anyways I try to write a script for the Nectar Pacer to control my ableton live performance, I am new and just getting in, you as an Admin know if somebody did this already I could built up on or exchange? To have a exchange would help me to get started a lot.


John Carney
Forum Admin


Nothing for the Nectar Pacer has been built/uploaded for use as yet. Maybe you could be the first? :)