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3 new features propositions

Submitted by Folkien on Sat, 01/02/2021 - 19:12
Control Surface Studio User

Hello All,

I my experience up to now, I want to suggest 3 new featers to the software:

1° This one is very important : In the definition of a endless encoder add the ability to select the differents relatives modes.
In my experience with the Xone:K2 the use of endeless encoders are useless without this selection.

2° Make the highlight navigation relative to the session box so we can select a specific clip in the session box

3° I think it would be super to add modifiers and conditions (like in the mapping configuration page of NI Traktor). they are variables that can store a value (on a button Toggle or Hold for example). This can be used as a conditions to a button/rotary/encoder/fader, to add alternative functions, like multiple shift keys but with several parameters.

in detailed you can have 3 button to set modifier M1, M2 and M3 to 1 when pressed so you could make conditions to the definition of an input (a little bit like the modes but with several parameters)

Thx for your help and for all the work.

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4 Responses


Forum Admin


Thanks for your propositions, in response:
1. Are you using our K2 controller template? the endless encoders are set to relative which works fine for me. What is the problem?
2. Highlight navigation relative to session box - noted, thanks.
3. Yes, this would be a nice feature - noted.

Control Surface Studio User

RE: Point 2
Not sure if Im reading it properly but I think its already possible. I use a sticky track/scene select whereby you scroll the track or scene and when it hits the edge of the session box, it drags the box along with it. Im using behaviours though. Is that what you mean?

Control Surface Studio User

hi sorry for coming back so late.

No i'm not using the official script I've made my own. where can I find the script ?

Control Surface Studio User

I also support that a Highlight navigation relative to session box is a most!

Please haha