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24 encoders to control 24 parameters of the selected tracks EQ 8 in ableton?

Submitted by jonxfm on Wed, 01/11/2023 - 04:56
Control Surface Studio User

hey there

I'm looking to make a script for a MIDI controller that I have yet to build, but I'd like to know first if what I want to do is possible with Remotify. I haven't bought Remotify because I don't know if it will work for what I want.

My controller will have 24 rotary encoders, each giving out a unique CC value. I use ableton 11.

I'd like to map 3 parameters from each of the 8 EQ bands to these encoders. Q, frequency, and gain. 24 mappings on the currently selected EQ 8.

In audio effect rack, it maxes out at 16 possible macros you can control. I can put the rack inside of another audio effect rack to get 32 macro knobs, but then the "blue hand" will only allow me to control 16 of them at a time.

Is there anyway with remotify, that I could control the selected tracks EQ 8 (via effect racks or not), with all 24 encoders for 24 parameters?

Ideally I'd like to name this effect rack something, and have remotify call it by name, so I'd simply select the track I want to EQ and start turning knobs. I'd be fine with selecting the EQ/effect rack though.

Is this possible? Thanks.

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Control Surface Studio User

hello yes this is very possible.

I would break the script into pieces:
1. use the 'log device parameter' script John has provided and map that to some button on your controller. open ableton select the EQ and hit that button. when checking the log back in CSS you'll have the number of the parameters.
2. make a reaction script with listener 'songs track has changed' looping through devices with the condition of name == "Eq8"and store the loop iteration number in a Modifier for ex. m1
3. in another reaction map each of the device parameter numbers to your midi controller knobs using "selected track" and for device number put the M1 Modifier in]

john has some good youtube videos explaining each of these steps

Control Surface Studio User

hey thanks for the reply tyler. I ended up buying remotify for another reason, but I've been poking around a bit for solutions on this EQ thing too. Really appreciate your guide here, I'll have to revisit this post when I finish the controller. Thanks so much.