Getting Started with Remotify

This collection of tutorials will quickly get you started with using the Remotify App to make your own custom MIDI remote scripts.


MIDI remote scripts are an incredibly powerful but little known Ableton Live technology. Learn how they differ from standard MIDI mapping and how they can improve your own setup.


How to make your first midi remote script
Follow through this step by step tutorial to create your own MIDI remote script using the Remotify App.


After creating and downloading a MIDI remote script to your computer, you now need to make sure to install it correctly. This tutorial explains everything related to MIDI remote script installation.


Learn how to create multiple sets of functionality for your MIDI keyboard/controller and how to switch between them.


A broken MIDI remote script can be pretty frustrating, find out about the things to check in order to fix it.


Find out how to import previously built MIDI remote scripts into Remotify so you can customise them further.