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session box controls

Custom Session Boxes

Create custom sized Session Boxes (aka clip matrixes/red box) which display a coloured box in your session.

Use buttons on your midi controller for clip launch, launch scenes, stop track, stop all & session box navigation controls.

Plus, all of your mixer and device controls will be relative to the session box, so moving the box means they will move with it too.

highlighted track control

Selected Track Control

Control over the currently highlighted track in Ableton is a super helpful way to save valuable space on your midi controller.

You can simply use one set of midi controller inputs to control all of your mixer functionality for the selected track and you’ll have access to every track in your session. Plus you can add track navigation controls to your scripts.

shift and mode functionality

Shift & Mode Functionality

Create up to 8 groups of mappings within your script called “modes” and switch between them. Enabling every physical input on your midi controller to have multiple functions.

Switch between modes using mode activation buttons and shift buttons

mixer controls

Mixer Controls

Control every inch of your Ableton mixer including volume, pan, mute, solo, arm & sends. You can set mappings to control mixer elements on a specific track relative to your session box position or on the currently selected track.

transport controls

Transport Controls

Choose from a massive selection of Transport controls including: stop, play, fast forward, nudge up, nudge down, record, tap tempo, loop on/off, punch in, punch out, metronome, overdub, tempo control, tempo fine control, song position control.

device controls

Advanced Device Control

Control all 8 of your Device Parameters aswell as being able to control the currently selected Device, a specific Device on a specific track or even a specific Device on the currently selected track!

You can also control Device on/off buttons, move to the next or previous Device, select a specific Device and Bank up and down through Device parameters.

import and refine your midi remote scripts

Import and Refine

Got a Remotify script previously built by yourself or even somebody else?

You can Import it back into Remotify and edit it to your hearts content. You could take a script built for a certain controller and re-map it to work with a completely different one.

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