What are MIDI remote scripts?

by John Carney last updated Jun 14, 2018

Most people know about the built in midi mapping engine inside Ableton.

You click a parameter, then press/push/turn the relevant input on your midi controller and boom! you have a midi mapping.

It's a super useful feature but unfortunately pretty limited in how you can use it to control Ableton,
plus you need to re-map all your controls each time you start a new session!

Many midi controllers come with their own set of functionality, you don’t need to go through that process as it just works out of the box.

But, have you ever wondered how this works?

They use a little known Ableton technology called ‘MIDI remote scripts’.
Also known as 'Control Surface' scripts, they are coded files which can integrate your MIDI controller or keyboard with Ableton Live in a much deeper way than the standard MIDI mapping mode.

They're essentially the brains!

Using a MIDI remote script gives you access to Ableton Live in a much more dynamic way, such as being able to control the currently selected track. Or useful features like session boxes (the red box).

Plus they work immediately, every time you open a new session.

Ok, but if they’re so good why isn’t everyone using ‘midi remote scripts’ themselves?

Unfortunately, they require you to know how to write code in a complex programming language called 'python'.

So, unless you’re an expert software developer, you’ll probably have a very hard time even attempting to do this.

And wouldn’t you rather be doing something more interesting?

...like making music?

That’s where Remotify comes in!

Remotify, is a web application for building midi remote scripts, without the need for you to write a single line of code.

You simply select how you want to control Ableton and Remotify instantly generates the code for you.

It gives you the ability to integrate your midi controllers in powerful new ways which previously only professional programmers could create.

No longer are you restrained by how Manufacturers have decided you will want to control Ableton,

you're now free to create customised midi remote scripts specific to your own unique needs.


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