(Video) Session Box 2.0 updates

by John Carney last updated Aug 03, 2017

Remotify is pleased to announce the release of Session Box 2.0, a collection of free updates designed to improve how users can integrate and control session boxes with their hardware.

Combination Mode

Use the all new combination mode options to link session boxes together from multiple midi remote scripts and move them as one unified controller.

combination mode select list

Custom LED Feedback

Add a selection of custom LED feedback colours for 10 different session box related options. (beta)

custom led feedback options

Individual Midi Message Button Options

Each individual button in a session box now has options for its own Channel, CC/Note, type and momentary selection. Leaving them blank will use the ‘default’ options set in the ‘midi controller values’ box.

the different midi message options for session box

Session Box Requirements Removed

The requirement to add all session box elements (clip launch, scene launch, track stop and stop all) has been removed. Users can now just use the elements of the box they require and leave the others blank.

the different session box components

Session Box Navigation Update

Session box navigation now has the extra option to move in any direction by 1 clip at a time or by page (the width/height of the session box).

session box navigation, move by 1 or page

Offset Options

Use the new ‘offset’ options to set the starting location of a session box when the script first loads and also when switching to a new mode.

offset options

Increased Maximum Session Box Size

The maximum size of session boxes have been increased to 16 width (in tracks) and 16 height (in scenes) of session boxes.

session box maximum size at 16 x 16

Duplicate Mappings Button

The new ‘duplicate’ UI button allows users to quickly duplicate multiple session boxes (and any other mapping type) containing the same midi messages.

duplicate midi mappings

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