Multiple Shift Buttons & The same button for shift and arm track

Submitted by danicroitor on Thu, 06/07/2018 - 13:15
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Maybe it sound weird but for what I'm trying to do would be so much easier If somehow I could do that.

Lets say I have a controller with 4 pads. Each pads activates 4 tracks on witch I have different instruments (piano, pad, synts, orch).
On each of these tracks I have an instrument rack that contains multiple types of each instruments that I wanted to be activated by the same pads.

What I essentially trying to do is this:
Press Pad1 - arms track 1
The same Pad1 acts like a shift button so now the rest of the pads acts like device activator so I can choose what type of Piano I want.

Does this make sense?
It is possible to accomplish ?


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John Carney
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Yeah that would be cool. The thing holding us back at the moment is MIDI scripts crash if you try to add multiple functions to the same pad. We will continue to investigate this though, as it would be big! John
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awesome! Can't wait!