Multiple mappings to play scenes?

Submitted by bphipps on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 13:29
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Hi. I'm trying to setup my Novation Launch Control XL where buttons 1 to 4 each play the corresponding Scenes 1 to 4. I can do this with the normal Ableton MIDI mapping, but the Novation's lights don't light up with feedback. So I was hoping to configure it with a remotify script. I began with creating a Play mapping, but it appears you can only have one of these mappings? I have been trying the free version. Is this something I could only setup with the Pro features?


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John Carney
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Hey, Yes you can do this using a session box (with the pro version). Session box is the red box which appears on the screen with some scripts. You can set 'play scenes 1 to 4' and your desired LED feedback colours for a few different states: Scene No Scene Scene triggered to play Some details about using the Session box can be found here: