Maybe a bug report? Track Number Differs when group track is expanded

Submitted by danicroitor on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 06:56
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I've noticed that when I"m using group tracks ... lets say that I want to map track 11 witch is the Bass Gtr. Before the track 11 I have a group track with keys. If that group is closed then yes, the track 11 would be bass but if that track is expanded then one of the keys track would be track 11. Is there anyway to avoid that aside from not using group tracks or keeping them always expanded. I"m working with a pretty good amount of tracks and It is necessary to have group track in order to navigate easily.

Also want to point out that this is not happening when using the Ableton midi mapping function.


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John Carney
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Hmm no way to avoid this at the moment. The track type 'specific' is designed to control whatever is at position 11 at any time. Where as the way Ableton internal mapping works is to attach the function to a certain track, meaning if you move your track to position 2, it will still control it. John
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If you can make any button turn of and on wouldnt be possible to take the tempo message and convert it some how to on/off state of a button? does that make sense? This way doesn't matter if a controller has a certain way of making stuff blink.

I have an livid cntrl and the default script had that - I don't know actually how is implemented though (if you wanna take a look: )

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wrong post... sry :)