Map Midi Controller to specific Device

Submitted by etur.usheo on Mon, 05/29/2017 - 12:00
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Hi, I got a question, In my personalized Audio/Midi Tracks, there are some specific effects saved as standard presets. so is it possible to control one specific of them directly when there are more effects at the same track ? Lets say I got an EQ / Filter on every track that i want to be mapped directly on my midi controller without selecting it in the chain of effects ? Bests

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thanks for the already great abillities by the way, improved my workflow a lot!

John Carney
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If understand correctly, rather than controlling the selected device, you can creating a device parameter mapping which controls a specific device on a specific track (for example, device 3 on track 2).
Or you can set it to control a specific device on the selected track, (for example, you can set it to control the third device on whichever track is selected).

Is that of any help?