Submitted by aehaem on Fri, 10/27/2017 - 21:00
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I just purchased the Remotify pro, while order status is set on pending, is there anywhere a manual or deeper tutorial???

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John Carney
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Hi there,

Firstly, welcome to Remotify. I hope you can make an amazing setup for your equipment with it.
Have you had a look through the docs page?:

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Hi John, i'm also up for some manual, having some problems here on LED feedback on my Akai MPD218.

The LED's doesn't always line up with the state of the button (for example 'arm track' and 'play') .
I'm using the pads of my MPD218 (putted the aftertouch off) And quite honestly i'm stuck.

And i'm wondering if i should put my buttons in toggle mode instead of momentary mode (in the firmware and in remotify).

I just don't understand where they get that data from, from the script or from ableton itself ?
For example play a track , hit the play button (=pad) again (track restart from time marker 0) and it doesn't light up anymore until i stop the track and hit it again.

This button is set in momentary mode (not on toggle !) but why does the LED behave differently ?

John Carney
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In this case, Ableton sends the data to your controller to tell it whether the LED should be on or off.
All Remotify does here is attaches the data to correct control on your equipment.

For play and arm track, you're probably better using a toggle button and make sure you set the mapping to toggle in your Remotify script.


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There is a serious need for a serious manual!

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A good idea would be to integrate the manual in the app - like small tips when you hover over a button or something

John Carney
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We're working on some more tutorials and documentation at the moment. There are currently some tips in the app already, just click the question marks. Maybe they need more detail? John