crossfade assign loves to be at 127

Submitted by ananaphone on Sun, 05/13/2018 - 06:14
pro user
So the crossfade assign has 3 positions for which Ableton returns the following CC values: no assign: 4, yes 4 for some reason A: 127 B: 127 The issue that I'm having is that the A and B values are the same so they adjust the controls on my Lemur in such a way that I can't tell the difference between A and B. The best I can do is to tell that an assignment has been selected, but I don't know which one. In contrast, a midi mapping in Ableton divides the CC message's range into 3 parts, so if you had let's 3 radio buttons, you could set them to send the values 0, 64, 127 all to the same CC. Not sure how to proceed. Another point of interest is that when the knob is sending messages to Ableton, the crossfade assign rapidly cycles through the three options. So as I slowly move my finger up the range, the A/B assign in Ableton will flicker wildly as it moves from A to B to Off and back to A. I set the knob to send only midi values from 1 to 10 to see if I could see the pattern of the cycle. Strangely, the cycle is the same no matter which way I turn the knob. It always goes A, B, Off, whether I turn the knob up or down. -A

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