Control Ableton exactly how you need to

Integrate your midi controller with Ableton in your own unique way.

Utilise the power of midi remote scripts to take your studio and live performance workflow to the next level.

Re-program your midi controller in 3 simple steps

step 1

Choose mappings to add to your midi remote script

Create custom midi remote scripts 100% specific to your setup.

Select from our wide variety of dynamic control options.

Add unlimited mappings & create unlimited scripts.

step 2

Download and install your script into Ableton

Remotify automatically generates all code for your script.

Quick and simple installation process into Ableton.

Unlimited downloads.
step 3

Start jamming with your new midi controller integration

Instantly use Remotify scripts with all your Ableton sessions.

Control Ableton with your midi equipment in ways previously not possible.

Re-program any midi controller!

Utilise a powerful selection of mapping types

  • Volume
  • Pan
  • Mute
  • Solo
  • Arm
  • Sends
  • Session Box
  • Device Parameters
  • Device On / Off
  • Device Select
  • Stop
  • Play
  • Record
  • Metronome
  • Tap Tempo
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point and click simple

Point and click simple

Use our simple point and click Interface to quickly create powerful midi remote scripts that give you the ability to control Ableton in ways that previously weren’t possible.

no coding required

No coding required

Utilise functionality that was previously only possible for experienced software developers to create. 
Remotify automatically generates all of the code for you.

make once use forever

Make once, use forever

Midi remote scripts only need to be built once and you can use them immediately whenever you open a new session. No need to re-map everything everytime!

create unlimited scripts

Create unlimited midi remote scripts

Create as many scripts as you like, there’s no limits. Download them and they're yours to keep forever!

"Remotify allowed me to easily turn my BCR2000 into a 32 channel mixer. I've tried this before through other methods, but I never got the simple repeatable results I needed.

Remotify works like magic and opened my eyes to the power of MIDI scripts. Try it as both a learning tool and as an enhancer to your real-world mixing sessions.

Ten minutes with it moved my thinking ahead by months."

Bryan F

works with any controller

Works with any Controller

Has the manufacturer stopped supporting your gear? Don’t worry, If it sends out midi messages you can create a script for it with Remotify!

your setup is unique

You’re unique and so is your setup.

which means how you interact with Ableton is also unique. Break the manufacturer’s chains and re-program your controllers to your own specific needs.

you'll never be alone

You’ll never be alone

Join our friendly community of Ableton users, just like you, they’re building the Ableton integration of their dreams and want to help you build yours too.

works on pc and mac

Works on PC and Mac.

Remotify is a web based app, designed to work on any computer.

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